Two men to create a unique weapon 14 sets of more than 4 yuan smashed cars theft

Two men to create a unique weapon "14 sets of more than 4 yuan smashed cars theft to identify the scene. Photo by reporter Gan Xiayi Ho and Xiao Pu two young people, are only more than and 20 years old, are addicted to online games "hero alliance", but they do not have the economic source. Think of the game every hero has their own weapons, so the two young people to create their own "unique weapon" — a slingshot. In order to find the game money, two people a week hit the car 14…… Currently, two people were arrested on suspicion of theft Shapingba district police criminal detention. Internet cafes caught smashed cars theft suspects this month 24 days and 25 days, Chenjiaqiao Shapingba district police station received alarm, the victim said their vehicles parked on the roadside car windows smashed, the property was stolen. Police retrieved the site perimeter surveillance view, finally found two young men in a video at 2 a.m. on 24 minutes, from time to time they shine a flashlight on the windows of the vehicle parked in the street, and in the car around. Two men’s suspicious behavior caused the attention of the police, they also appear to coincide with the time of the incident, there is a major suspect. The police confirmed that the two men are looking after in the surrounding investigation launched. Soon, an Internet cafe staff told police that he had seen these two people, because they often in the Internet cafes overnight Internet access. Through this clue, police retrieved the Internet surveillance video, found two men came in after the incident to the cafe to the Internet, and soon confirmed the identity of the two suspects. Small and small suspects who are only more than and 20 years old, respectively, Wuxi and Sichuan, the people of the city of Nanchong. The day before yesterday at 7 in the morning, the suspect little alone to the Internet cafe to the Internet, was waiting for the police arrested on the spot, and then the police quickly went to the temporary residence of the other suspects will be arrested in the village of two. Two people addicted to online games to give up working and police from two rental room was found in the 3 block, the apple brand watches OPPO HUAWEI intelligent mobile phone more than 10, and found a slingshot. After the trial, the two men are all above items after they shoot the ball shattered window glass in the District of Shapingba University City, the west wing, Chen Jiaqiao and other places from theft. Small and small Pu two people had worked in the factory, they have a common hobby, is to play the "Heroes League" game, and therefore became a good friend. Two people are addicted to the game, often in Internet cafes playing games all night, even give up work, but if things go on like this, source of income is a problem. Once, two people play games out from the cafe, it was very late, no one on the road, he saw a lot of cars parked roadside, the car from time to time to see some mobile phone bags and other items, suddenly thought of the two of them can hit car theft. Many experiments to create a unique weapon "where small and small Po two reminiscent of the game" Heroes union "in the hero has its own unique weapons, they should also make a good use of props to start. Two people do a slingshot in the online tutorial, and bought with the ball when the marbles, two people do a number of tests, found that damage glass with a slingshot.相关的主题文章:

Two people threw mud to fight because of note to report to huopei 100 yuan in Beijing

Two people threw mud to fight because of note to report to huopei $100 – Beijing, an online news according to the Anhui Daily reported because of a trivial dispute, Zhang Ming (a pseudonym) home by Zhang Jun (a pseudonym) into the mud, Ming Jia Zhang Jun also wrote a window posters: Zhang Ming and live with rubbish. So Zhang Ming was very angry, angrily to Zhang Jun on the court. Recently, the Hefei intermediate people’s court made a final decision on the matter. Zhang Ming, who lives in a district of Hefei, Shushan, said that last November 23rd, Zhang Jun threw mud to his home, and the other side of the curtain, the window blinds the window. After the incident, Zhang Ming is looking for someone to repair the louver window 50 yuan, including labor costs and material costs, and in order to clean the house in the mud, he had to go home to clean up, spent 200 yuan. Two disputes or because patrimony caused. Zhang Ming said that he was Zhang Jun harassed dozens of times, so the prosecution to the court, requesting the court sentenced Zhang Jun to compensate for the damage of the kitchen blinds repair costs 50 yuan, cleaning the mud waste cleaning fee of 200 yuan, a total of 250 yuan. Shushan district court hearing the case. Zhang Ming for Sue, Zhang Jun said that he will only cloth curtain, throw mud to Zhang Ming in the home, and did not hit the shutters, blinds repairs not recognized. The court held that Zhang Jun threw garbage into the home of Zhang Ming, the cost of cleaning up the garbage due to the emergence of the responsibility should be borne by the president of the United States by the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States, the court found that the cost of. Zhang Ming advocated to clean up the garbage fee of 200 yuan, due to the failure to provide valid evidence, so discretion is 100 yuan, Zhang Jun should be compensated. Zhang Ming claims that Zhang Jun compensation for its Venetian blinds repair costs 50 yuan, but did not provide valid evidence to prove that the damage to the shutter and the relevance of the Zhang Jun, it does not support. Final Shushan district court decision, Zhang Jun compensation for 100 yuan fee Zhang Mingqing. Zhang Ming refused to accept the decision of the appeal, recently, Hefei City Intermediate People’s court upheld.相关的主题文章:

Japanese aid to the Philippine coast guard ships to patrol the island of Huangyan for the first time t6570

Japanese aid to the Philippine coast guard ships to patrol the island of Huangyan for the first time in four years (Figure) – Sohu Military Channel text with map: "chart Pakistan Taha" (MRRV-4401). Observer network reports: according to the "Philippines star" reported on November 8th, the Philippines Coast Guard said on that day, the Philippines has two patrol boats in 5 this month, arrived in Huangyan on the island began to patrol waters. This is the first time since 2012 China to achieve effective control of the island of Huangyan, Philippines patrol boats for the first time into the waters patrol. The Philippines Coast Guard commander William mellard? (William Melad) 8 said the mission is Philippines police "chart Pakistan Taha" patrol ship (Tubbataha, MRRV-4401) and MCS 3010 ship. The "Bataha", the Philippines coast guard patrol boat is the most active new ship, 44 meters long. In August this year, delivered by Japan, the official service in October. Although the police no longer stop before Chinese Philippines fishing boat into the sea, but because of the bad weather that day ", the Philippine patrol boats found a Philippines fishing vessel". In addition, the Philippines has not publicly patrol specific position and more details, also did not disclose whether the site suffered Chinese patrol ship. At the same time, the Philippines media reports also did not provide live pictures. But Maillard said that in the future will be equipped with more patrol boats." Philippine police spokesman said on the 3 day, in addition to the above 2 patrol boats, there are also 3 patrol boats in the harbor. The operation was carried out under the request of the Philippine Minister of transport, the action deliberately avoided the visit of President Duthel Te’s visit to Philippines. Philippines’s transport minister Arthur? Tujiade (Arther Tugade) 3 said, this is just a "test the water", Philippines patrol ship does not intend to direct conflict with Chinese maritime police vessel. Philippine police spokesman also said, "this action is to confirm Philippines fishermen activities in the sea. Our basic requirement is not to engage in any provocative actions, not undermine the diplomatic efforts of President Duthel Te." China since 2012 to achieve the effective control of the waters of the island of Huangyan, Philippines fishing boats to enter the waters of the operation. Last month, Philippines’s president Duthel Te’s visit to China, China maritime police ship while still patrolling the waters, but the Philippine fishing boats can work. In October this year in Philippines during President Duthel Te’s visit to China, the two countries have signed bilateral cooperation documents up to 13 items, including the police field. Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said that Duthel Te’s visit fruitful and full restoration of friendly relations between the two countries. For some of the new changes in the waters of the island of Huangyan, foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said on October 31st, the Chinese side has been exercising the normal jurisdiction of Huangyan, the situation has not changed. At present, Yiduteerte president’s visit to China as a symbol, fully improve the relations between China and the philippines. In such a situation, in accordance with the issues of concern to President Duthel Te, the Chinese side to make appropriate arrangements based on the friendship between China and the philippines.相关的主题文章:

Ten cities continue to rise more than nine of the property market to enter the purchase restart chan cancam

Ten cities continue to rise in the property market to enter the purchase of more than nine channels in the context of monetary easing, the national real estate prices continue to rise. Subsequently, some of the city’s property market is relatively strict regulatory policies introduced. According to an agency, in August 2016, the country’s 100 cities (New) residential average price of 12270 yuan square meters, up by 2.17%, up from the previous month to expand by 0.54 percentage points. From the number of ups and downs of the city, 68 cities rose, the city fell in the 29 cities, the same as the 3 cities. Among them, the top ten cities are: Wuxi, Zhuhai, Kunshan, Langfang, Foshan, Shanghai, Dongguan, Hangzhou, Ji’nan. Yi think tank research director Yan Yuejin said that the current price rise from first-tier cities to the second city spread, with prices rising in second tier city, the local government has the pressure, so the prices rise too fast in the city were possible corresponding regulation measures. The hot market according to an agency statistics show that in August the property market Redubujian, city residential average price rose, the chain expanded, prices rose a larger part of the city and mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Bohai’s three largest city circle. From the perspective of the city, the ten major cities in August 2016 the average price of second-hand residential areas rose by 1.34%, an increase of the previous month to expand by 0.64 percentage points. The ten big city of nine city rose, rose last month to reduce the number of a city, but most of the city or to expand. Specifically, Wuhan the largest increase, 3.59%; followed by Tianjin, Hangzhou, Beijing rose 3.45%; rose between 2%-3%; Nanjing rose 1.19%; Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen rose less than 1%, and basically the same as last month in Chongqing. Rapid rise in housing prices, and the continuous fermentation of the land market, making the property market unpopular in many cities. In the case of Wuhan, August 23rd, Wuhan Miao Shan Pu Village plots suffered several rounds of bidding, and ultimately to the high premium rate of 422% yuan, 7299 square meters of floor price to create a high Jiangxia district. According to the 2016 Wuhan state-owned construction land supply plan, Wuhan this year, the total supply of residential land for 15952 acres, the lowest value for nearly 5 years. A mechanism of Central Branch of the market research director Li Guozheng said, Wuhan since 2009 to promote large-scale transformation of villages near the city, basically to the end of 2014, enter the phase transformation of the old, the supply is less, so that every top quality plots by the introduction of public housing prices were looting. Lin Zhaoyang, President of Wuhan real estate believes that Wuhan is the strategic fulcrum of the Yangtze River Economic Belt strategic city, in 2015 GDP reached 1 trillion and 100 billion yuan, a key position in central china. At the same time, as of the first quarter of 2016, the average price of residential transactions in Wuhan reached 9250 yuan square meters, the future appreciation of considerable space, so the choice of Wuhan. In addition to Wuhan, Hefei, Xiamen property market as unpopular. 6 at the end of the land auction, Hefei centralized transfer 19 cases, a total area of 1826.7 acres, the cumulative won gold 19 billion 571 million yuan, the transfer of land in the 7 land premium rate of more than 200%. In charge of Hefei相关的主题文章:

Son of mortgage debt owed sixty parents angry father jumped off the bridge car shuyue

Son of mortgage debt owed parents angry father Mr. Guo sixty car jump the bridge on the cliff hardly wished to live. yesterday, Fuling District Public Security Bureau Jiangdong Police Station Officer Yang received a call from the public Guo grateful call: "thank you, my house and car are redeemed, or are you, I may never see the day……" In August 18th 3 pm, Jiangdong police station received the alarm together: the bridge Wujiang Bridge East, a middle-aged man wearing a white short sleeved, grey shorts hanging in the nearly 100 meter high cliff, in critical condition. 3 minutes later, Yang police officers and colleagues rushed to the scene, climbed down the cliff, with the body in front of men. "At that time for us in which space is only about 10 cm, the following is the fast Wujiang, emotional man, always say ‘leave me, let me die, my heart hurts" a class of words, we side with the body to protect him, while he cleaned up around the branches of a class of sharp objects." Yang police officer said. More than 40 degrees Celsius weather, men cry more and more small, there seems to be heat, dehydration and other symptoms, consciousness is more and more clear, tightly grabbed the cliff on the vine grimdeath. Young police officer asked for support, so that his colleagues handed over the water to cool the man. Through communication, the man said he surnamed Guo, 60 years old, previously at the site of contracted projects, in the city of Fuling to spend about 700000 yuan to buy a house, decoration spent about 200000 yuan, also bought a car, he and his wife usually the main grandchildren, to old age. Recently, he found that his property was addicted to gambling and debt son to mortgage, so the thought of suicide. Then, Mr. Guo burst into tears, "my house, my car……" The police persuaded Mr. Guo for more than 1 hours in the cliff, his mood gradually calmed down, the police took the opportunity to force him to pull up. Yang police officer, Mr. Guo’s son has no right to take the property of the parents of the mortgage, the public if you encounter such a thing, you can report. Lawyers say such mortgage invalid Chongqing evening news legal team, director of the Chongqing HOLLEY million Guantao law firm Chen Ting said, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of our country, the housing mortgage or vehicle, required by the owner’s consent, and in the real exchange or vehicle registration. Mr. Guo’s son had no right to mortgage Mr. Guo’s house and car, his mortgage is not recognized by the law, as long as mr.. Chongqing evening news trainee reporter correspondent Yang Hua Hu Junteng photo coverage editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: